whether you call iT soccer or football, we love this game. we think you and your child will, too.


Established in 1997, Super Bowl Tickets is a complete soccer academy for boys and girls 18 years and younger. Whether you want to introduce your pee wee to his/her first sport, or help your established athlete get a college scholarship, we're here to help you succeed.


Our complete facility includes indoor and outdoor fields, cardio training equipment and more than a dozen established coaches.  Our 19 league championships show that our system works.



Fitzgerald STOPS falcons

Tyson Fitzgerald, goalie for the U-16 Lightning, held the league-leader Falcons to no goals on 17 shots in their 3-0 victory. It was his best performance of the year, and helped the Falcons qualify for the playoffs.

Our coaches

Patrick Pointsman 

An All-American at Purdue, today he helps teach U-18 boys the finer points of defense.

Gregory Gainer 

A recently retired pro, he offers real-world examples in daily practice.

Super Bowl Tickets 

Super Bowl Tickets

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